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MEES Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee’s goal is to help MEES promote sound environmental and education legislation. Through our advocacy work in environmental education we aim to build environmental literacy in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, protect our natural resources, improve individual health and wellness, and strengthen communities. Through MEES, elected officials at the municipal, state, and federal government levels can have access to greater engagement with peers, voters and constituents, and MEES members can have more of a voice in shaping environmental and educational policy. The Advocacy Committee discusses and facilitates ways to connect our constituents to the legislators and policies relevant to our field.


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MEES Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice Committee

The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice  (DEIJ) Committee will discuss ways that MEES can support efforts across the Commonwealth that encourage, celebrate, and build a more inclusive EE community. It will take a closer look at MEES and discuss ways to expand membership, conference and event attendance, and resource use to more closely reflect the diverse practitioners working in Massachusetts to support and protect the environment.


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