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It has been brought to the attention of the MEES Board that an effort to bring a high quality, science-based guide on climate change to schools across the U.S. is under way.

From an article posted to TreeHugger.com:

Provoked by questionable propaganda, a group of scientists is setting out to offer an antidote.

There has long been a shadowy campaign to teach schoolchildren that climate change is a hoax. But last year, the Heartland Institute kicked off a firestorm when it sent a book questioning the scientific consensus on climate change to tens of thousands of high school science teachers across the country. According to Alexandra Moore, a Senior Education Associate at the Paleontological Research Institution, it inspired her and her colleagues to respond in kind:

“We had already been working on a book called The Teacher-Friendly Guide to Climate Change, and were about to send it to the printer. But the sheer inaccuracy and broad reach of the Heartland Institute’s propaganda reminded us that we shouldn’t just be preaching to the converted. So we started talking about how to raise funds and send a copy to every single high school science teacher in the country.”

That effort is now well underway, and through crowdfunding platform Give Gab, the group has already raised more than $73,000 of an $86,000 goal. The aim, says Moore, is not just to counter the overt propaganda of climate denial groups like Heartland. It’s also simply to correct a very real deficit in teaching resources.

The MEES Board encourages our members and friends to read more about this project and its efforts and impacts.

Thanks for your time and wishing you a wonderful summer!

The MEES Board of Directors

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