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Program Associate

The Position: The Program Associate’s key responsibility is program delivery. In addition, the Associate will have the opportunity to learn about and help with all other aspects of Navigation Games programming, including client communications, marketing, program design, staff management and expense tracking. The position reports to the Program Manager.

The position is a part-time position – the number of hours and time of work will vary depending on the programs that are occurring and the availability of the individual. This position would suit a college student, working parent or individual who would like a flexible schedule and who would be able to select the programming hours that they can commit to. At a minimum, the individual will deliver programming. In addition, they may also be involved in planning, program preparation and after-program evaluation, according to interest and availability.

As Navigation Games grows, the expectation is that this position could turn into a full-time position or could remain covered by multiple part-time employees. Benefits include vacation, sick time and Navigation Games strives to create opportunities for growth for all employees through professional development. Navigation Games is currently operating as a hybrid work environment. All staff must be present in our Cambridge office weekly and have access to a remote office environment that allows staff to complete all assigned work tasks remotely.

About Navigation Games: Navigation Games is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization with the mission to develop, share and deliver navigation education for children, engage families and enable access to the sport of orienteering, and promote public health through outdoor exercise. We believe orienteering is one of the best ways to not only encourage map navigation and outdoor physical activity for youth, but also to provide experiences and an environment where they can develop important life skills.

Navigation Games’ main focus is implementation of orienteering curricula in schools, primarily in Physical Education. The portfolio of programs also includes out-of-school programs, school teams, summer programs, corporate events, and events for the general public. Programming also includes professional development and workshops for teachers, coaches and leaders in client organizations.

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