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Outdoor Science Instructor

Year Round Outdoor Science Instructor (Part Time, Flexible Hours)

The Program Instructor will design and lead outdoor science adventures for kids in K-12th grade at outdoor-sites throughout the North Shore. Several classes may be offered indoors or have an indoor component, and we will consider instructor comfort level when assigning instructors to indoor or outdoor classes. Most classes will be held entirely outdoors.

We teach natural science and adventure education through student centered investigations and creative projects in the natural world. Our approach is to use connection to small local wild places and to plants and animals as touch points for understanding science, building community, and nurturing emotional health. All our programs are focused on original observations, thoughtful understanding, and students’ ideas. We are silly and playful and also very serious about learning and teaching.

Visit: https://kestreleducation.org/employment for full job description and application information.

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