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October 11, 2023
Antioch University, New EnglandThis interactive session introduces NAAEE’s Community Engagement: Guidelines for Excellence; offers facilitation ideas; plus guidance to design learning opportunities in your community. Join us if you actively elevate Justice40 in your community and/or your lived experiences reflect the US environmental movement’s historical marginalization of varied identities, cultures and communities.
This workshop is supported by ee360+. Participants will be selected through this brief application process and registration fees for this workshop will be waived upon acceptance. Applications are due by September 1. With questions, please contact the Antioch University New England ee360+ team at ee360@antioch.edu. 
This workshop will occur in two parts; attendees must commit to both. The first gathering will be virtually at the NAAEE Conference, in October 2023. The second gathering will be virtual and will focus on the equity and inclusion expansion of the Community Engagement Guidelines.
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