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HIRING: NOFA/Mass Hiring 3 Remote Ag Jobs

NOFA/Mass (Northeastern Organic Farming Association, Massachusetts Chapter) a non-profit organization committed to promoting organic agriculture and food systems in Massachusetts, is excited to announce that it is currently hiring for 3 part-time primarily remote work and flexible schedule positions within Massachusetts. The NOFA/Mass team is an inspiring mix of soil nerds, passionate activists, and dedicated community leaders – all in all a fantastic group of folks to work with. As part of our team, you will have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the local food system while working in a flexible, supportive environment. We are currently reviewing applications for the following positions until March 31, 2023. Descriptions of each position below; for more information or to apply go to: https://www.nofamass.org/jobs/

The positions we are hiring for include:

Administrative Director (20-25 hours per week, $18-25 per hour) NOFA/Mass seeks an Administrative Director to help organize, support, and facilitate the small and large scale operations of NOFA/Mass. This is a supervisory position, and the Administrative Director oversees all aspects of the Administrative Department and supports the Admin Department staff in their responsibilities, including membership, registration, finances, and database management.

Project Manager (20-25 hours per week, $18-22 per hour) The NOFA/Mass Project Manager oversees the organization’s activities related to over 10 grant-related projects and deliverables, with project topics including soil health, food access, pollinators, agricultural ecosystem health, and agricultural greenhouse gas emission reduction in Massachusetts.

Educational Events Manager (25-35 hours per week, $18-22 per hour) The NOFA/Mass Ed Events Manager oversees a range of in-person and virtual educational events, including: field days; online and hands-on workshops; lecture series; and two annual conferences. This core position leads NOFA/Mass program staff in developing, promoting, and hosting successful events that will advance NOFA/Mass educational priorities, meet grant deliverables, align with food access programming, and maintain a financially sustainable organizational branch.

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