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Greenways Program Manager


The Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) seeks a Program Manager to lead all aspects of our Mystic Greenways program. This person will join a dynamic, collaborative team working on community-led designs of local park and shared-use path projects across the watershed.


The Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) was founded in 1972. Our vision is a vibrant, healthy and resilient Mystic River Watershed for the benefit of all our community members. To achieve this, MyRWA is protecting water quality, restoring important habitats, building climate resilience, transforming parks and paths, and inspiring youth and community members. Our Mystic Greenways program is a vision for 25 miles of connected parks and paths along the Mystic River and its tributaries. Our education program engages over 1,000 youth and families in STEAM education focused on nature close to home. Hundreds of volunteers help us document and improve water quality, river herring, and urban heat islands, as well as help reduce trash and remove invasive weeds. Finally, MyRWA founded and co-leads the Resilient Mystic Collaborative, a watershed-wide partnership among 20 cities and towns to protect people and places from climate change. This is an exciting time to join MyRWA’s highly collaborative and dedicated team. MyRWA has a staff of 14, a committed Board of Directors, and an annual budget of more than $4 million. As an organization committed to incorporating racial equity and justice throughout our programs and operations, we are engaged in a two-year training and strategic plan update to ensure that we are fully living into these values.


The goal of the Mystic Greenways program is to connect and improve dozens of public parks along 25 miles of waterfront paths to benefit hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors. We are currently involved in seven greenways projects in six municipalities. One signature project is our effort to create a thriving neighborhood park around Charlestown’s Little Mystic Channel. Located in an out-of-sight, out-of-mind corner of Boston Harbor, the Little Mystic includes 15 acres of city-owned land surrounding a 20-acre protected inlet of Boston Harbor. We are working with both the City of Boston and nearby residents to design, fund, and construct a park that best serves neighborhood needs, including heat and stormwater mitigation. WHAT YOU’LL GET TO DO. The Greenways Program Manager will steward our Mystic Greenways Vision. They will lead the participatory design process for existing park and mobility projects, build relationships with many stakeholders, engage the public through virtual and in-person meetings/events and contribute to the strategic direction and evolution of the greenways program. This position allows for a tremendous amount of personal and professional growth and includes a diverse set of tasks. On any given day, the Greenways Program manager will be hosting meetings, conducting site visits, leading events such as walking/biking tours or open houses, reviewing consultant scopes of work and drafting grant proposals. The Greenways Program Manager will report to MyRWA’s Deputy Director of Projects and work closely with the Community Organizer and Engagement Manager. While there are opportunities for internal collaboration, this is an external facing role that involves substantial work with outside partners.

Job responsibilities include:

● Managing all aspects of the Greenways Program including participatory planning and design processes for urban park and shared-use path projects; landscape architecture and engineering consultants; relationships with state and federal agencies, municipal, and community partners; and project and program budgets.

● Leading community engagement efforts by organizing and facilitating community steering committees, organizing and planning events, creating materials to engage with and solicit feedback from local communities and building broad coalitions of support for projects.

● Identifying and scoping new project opportunities aligned with MyRWA’s strategic plan by centering environmental justice communities and residents in all aspects of the Greenways Program.

● Supporting Greenways Program fundraising efforts by identifying funding opportunities, preparing grant applications, managing grants/reporting requirements and developing collateral material for and participating in meetings with potential funders.

● Supporting Greenways Program ongoing communications by developing communication and engagement goals, creating content for and helping maintain website and social media accounts, keeping partners informed of progress and representing MyRWA in media as needed.

● Collaborating with other MyRWA staff as needed.


There are innumerable ways to learn, grow and excel professionally. We know people gain skills through a variety of professional, personal, educational, and volunteer experiences. We respect this when we review applications and take a broad look at the experience of each applicant. We want to get to know you and the unique strengths you will bring to the work and to the MyRWA team. This said, we are most likely to be interested in your candidacy if you can demonstrate competency in a majority of the qualifications and experiences listed below. The ideal person for this position: Has strong project management skills and English fluency.

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