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Food Tour Guide

Interested in educating others about local independent restaurants and food systems as well as engaging storytelling? We are a tiny local start-up who loves the Boston neighborhoods, and we are excited about entertaining our guests.

Started in 2017, Off The Beaten Path (OTBP) Food Tours are mission-based and run by a local couple. We are hiring in Cambridge, Somerville, Lowell, Boston, Northampton, and other cities for both public and private tours. Our OTBP Food and/or Chocolate Tour Guide is responsible for engaging and entertaining up to 15 guests. They must love food and be able to engage a crowd’s attention for several hours while divulging all relevant and important information. Each tour is 90 minutes to 2.5 hours depending on the tour and runs weekly, plus custom or private tours.


Respectful and maintain professional approach to all staff of restaurant partners and guests (critical)
Must be acutely aware of surroundings at all time keeping guests close and being respectful of pedestrians, stroller and handicap wheelchairs on sidewalks.
Crowd Control
Give purposeful presentation
Good Time Management Skills
Tech Savvy
Remember the facts: both history and modern happenings to tell the guests
Walking for approx. 1-2 miles per tour


Clean & professional appearance
Well balanced and articulate communication skills
Storytelling talent — Authenticity
Exudes Confidence (including calmness)
Well timed, respectful humor
Friendly Disposition & Demeanor — Positive Spirit
Charisma & Charm
High Energy
Eye Contact
Poise & Posture
Strong level of empathy
Have interest in neighborhood history and food
Bonus if you live or have lived in the neighborhood

This is a part-time, 1099 consulting position. Chocolate tours pay $25/tour plus all tips and Food tours pay $50/tour plus all tips. Private tours pay $125+/tour. Please email hello@offthebeatenpathfoodtours.com to learn more and apply.

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