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Curriculum Development Consultant With Ecological Expertise

Blue Hill Observatory & Science Center, Inc.
Seeks a Curriculum Development Consultant with Ecological Expertise
February 17, 2022

About Us
Located atop Great Blue Hill in Milton, MA, Blue Hill Observatory & Science is a National Historic Landmark and a Centennial Observing Site—1of 6 in the U.S recognized by the World Meteorological Organization.

Our daily weather observation and data collection for 137 years form the longest, most consistent, and most extensive climate record in North America—and they are an irreplaceable resource that supports the Observatory’s mission to advance climate research and understanding.

The Observatory’s weather and climate education programs annually serve 4,000 students on-site and through various venues in and around Greater Boston. Programs include: Observatory Exploration, Weather Watching at Great Blue Hill, The Math of Meteorology, Guided Hikes, Kite Making Workshops, Internships for High School and College Students, “Launch Your Career in Meteorology”

The Observatory is seeking an experienced Elementary, Middle, and High School Curriculum Developer with additional expertise in ecology to develop a new educational program entitled “Picture Post for Environmental Conservation” that aligns with the Massachusetts State Science Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. The exciting multi-tiered program suite will leverage a ten-year geospatial data collection project for monitoring vegetation health and phenological indications of climate change at Blue Hill. The Curriculum Developer should have experience with working with online datasets and integrating the use of data into the curriculum they develop. It is preferred that the candidate have experience with excel, image processing, and geospatial software. The program’s intended outcome is to educate and inspire youth and adults to preserve the environment and navigate climate change.

Program Overview & Deliverables:
“Picture Post for Environmental Conservation” Overview:

Tier I—Middle school youth curriculum 8-hours total includes, 4-hours at the Observatory for observation of Blue Hill’s natural setting and utilization of an interactive storyboard exhibit displaying environmental change along with 4 hours of classroom content supporting the educator’s need to teach Next Generation Science Standards. Our goal is to bring 400 inner-city middle school youth to the Observatory in 2022.

Once launched the content will be modified for elementary and high school levels. Many environmental changes have been documented at Blue Hill. The expanded content will cover mitigation and adaptation to address climate change.

Tier II—Online climate coursework providing 8 hours of lessons (24 total) for elementary, middle, and high school youth that leverages the Observatory’s “Picture Post” data. This curriculum will be delivered on the Observatory’s website with tutorials supporting how the content may be utilized to teach science while addressing climate change.

Tier III—An expanded “Picture Post Guided Hike” for youth and adults will investigate observed and scientifically validated wildlife and environmental changes at Blue Hill. A supporting storyboard display will utilize the Observatory’s climate data in a visual manner to teach how data supports scientific reasoning.
Plus supporting documents such as:
• Curriculum Teacher Guides/Tutorials
• Curriculum Student Handbooks
• Curriculum Overview Tailored to Internal Staff and External Stakeholders
The successful Curriculum Developer candidate will report to the Executive Director and will be able to draw on the subject matter expertise of the Blue Hill Observatory Board. The Curriculum Developer will also collaborate with an Evaluation Consultant.

To apply for this position please provide the following documents to Cheryl Cummings at ccummings@bluehill.org
• Cover letter (maximum two pages) describing relevant expertise/experience
in curriculum development and ecology
• Resume
• Sample(s) of prior work
• References from prior projects

Deadline for submitting a proposal is 5pm EST on Friday, March 11, 2022.

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