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Waterfront Ambassadors Assistant Program Manager

The Trustees Waterfront Ambassadors is a targeted program based in East Boston focusing on engaging the local community on waterfront issues that connect to the Trustees’ One Waterfront Initiative. This year’s seven-week program will allow ten youth the opportunity to learn about the mission of The Trustees as well as the Boston Waterfront Initiative, and how it relates to their neighborhood and community. The program will feature increased opportunities for the Trustees Waterfront Ambassadors to meet staff from government agencies and other local open space- and harbor-focused non-profits to learn more about the work being done in East Boston and across the city on waterfront issues such as climate resilience, public access, and regulatory structures. The Trustees Waterfront Ambassadors will also work with key East Boston grassroots and non-profit partners, lending a hand with local cleanups and stewardship projects while also learning about the work of these grassroots organizations with whom the Boston Waterfront Initiative collaborates.

The Trustees Waterfront Ambassador Assistant Program Manager is a full-time, seasonal position that provides training, supervision, and mentoring for young people working on community outreach as well as climate change- and waterfront-related projects in East Boston. The position is based in East Boston, with time spent at The Trustees’ Boston office as well. This position begins in late June and runs through late August. The Assistant Program Manager assists the Program Manager with team management and logistics related to the Waterfront Ambassadors program. The ideal candidate has community outreach/organizing experience, an interest in climate change and waterfront issues, and experience working with youth in an urban setting. The Assistant Program Manager will be enthusiastic about the mission of The Trustees and the Boston Waterfront Initiative, and sharing that mission with the youth we employ as well as the community. Working well with our varied grassroots and non-profit partners in the East Boston neighborhood and beyond will be a key to success in this position. The ideal candidate is an East Boston resident and/or familiar with the East Boston neighborhood.

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