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Sudbury Valley Trustees is trying a new way to increase involvement for our spring Bio-Blitz. We will be hosting 3 Discovery Days prior to our Bio-Blitz, each themed by different taxa; Birds (5/4), Wildflowers & Pollinators(5/18), and Herps & Aquatics (6/1). The days will be focused on building naturalist skills (how to key, ect..) that participants can then use at the Bio-Blitz to better participate. For each Discovery Day there will be three activities, 45 min long, 2 led by an expert and 1 that requires participants to work through identification on their own.

We are still looking for volunteers to help out with any of the days. If you have a new lesson that you have been working on or would like to create something new, this would be a great event to help you hone your skills.

Thanks again!

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