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FREE 5-day Summer Institute For Educators Of 6th–12th Graders

Investigating Ecosystems Through Fieldwork

August 12-16, 2019, 8:30am-2:30pm


Intended audience: Middle and High School teachers

Participants will learn and practice fieldwork techniques in order to study two ecosystems: an urban forest and a meadow. During the institute, teachers will sample the biodiversity of each area, gather abiotic data, examine the interrelationship between organisms, and learn more about decomposition, soil and nutrient cycling. Guest speakers will share their expertise in data gathering, fieldwork, botany, and ecosystems. Participants will spend about half their time outdoors working in teams, with indoor time spent in analysis, reflection and sharing of best practices.

Goals of the Institute

  1. To give teachers needed knowledge about plants and their environments that will enable them to create lessons/units of study aligned with the new Massachusetts Science, Technology, and Engineering Standards.
  2. To expose teachers to using the outdoors in general, and the Arnold Arboretum in particular, as a means for teaching life science standards
  3. To share resources, teaching ideas, materials, and expertise with teachers so they can feel confident in and comfortable with leading purposeful life science lessons, both indoors and outdoors.
  4. To develop relationships with teacher teams within BPS schools for continued professional development during the school year, including school visits by Arboretum Educators and facilitated field trips to the Arboretum.


Click on the URL or call 617.384.9032 for additional information.

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