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It’s Easy Being Green: Kids Helping the Environment & Other Stories

From: Sunday 19 January, 2020 – 2:45 PM to 3:45 PM

Regent Theatre, 7 Medford Street, Arlington, MA 02474

Followed by a Q&A with filmmaker Lynne Cherry and one of her film subjects!

A selection of short films about the environment and animals, including: Words Have Power, about a 10 year-old girl who fights to close down a coal burning plant in her neighborhood; Aiden’s Butterflies, about an 11 year-old boy who has been growing milkweed and sheltering and releasing Monarch Butterflies since he was 6 years old; Earth Doctor, a film made by middle school students in Maui in which Earth visits a doctor to diagnose her unusual symptoms; How Animals Hibernate, a science version of Peter and the Wolf; and The Last Straw, about a 9 year-old boy from Vermont who convinces restaurants to “go straw-free” and three Cape Cod girls who take a pledge to “skip the straw.”

Age 5+

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